Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I rent the items?

The rental is for the day of your event. All deliveries will occur on the date of your event and pick-ups can occur one day before the event. Items must be returned no more than one day after the event.

Is there a contract?

Yes! Every client will have to fill out a contract in order to rent any items.

What are the payment options?

We accept payments via Paypal on which you are able to use your debit/credit card or a check.

Is there a minimum purchase?

For Deliveries there is a minimum contract amount of $150. For pickup, no minimum is required.

How do I reserve items for my event?

Contact us for a consultation and official invoice. We will let you know if your item is available. 

Where do I pick-up and drop-off the items?

3201 West Broadway Louisville, KY 40211

What happens if an item gets damaged?

The renter is responsible for the replacement cost which can be up to 3 times the individual rental price listed on the website.